6 comments on “Dirty Love…

  1. I love the energy and passion here. It’s wild and vivid. Some writers struggle with such a scene as one must keep balance between storytelling and the action itself. Here you’ve done a lovely job.

    “She was pretty, but sometimes the world isn’t pretty. There are times when love is dirty… and we just want to fuck.” <<< This is great. It fits the mood!

  2. Someone’s gotta pay for those potholed roads… Someone’s gotta pay for the grime of compromise my teeth. “You, my love … you pay for this angst I don’t want to feel.” they both say, a silent agreement upheld. True love to do that for your partner.
    I love what this piece represents; healthy “use and abuse,” an unspoken “I need you now.” No different in its compassion and generosity then petting a weary head in your lap. So honest and loving to be there for a lover who needs to just fuck the angst out. Healthy and therapeutic. Great piece ,,, arousing and enlightening.

    ~The Keeper

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